Can I Talk to a Human, Please?

Automation is taking over every industry in every aspect that you can imagine. And it makes sense because now we have technology that helps make our jobs and processes more manageable, especially those of a repetitive nature. It’s no different when it comes to how we approach marketing. 


Today many aspects of the marketing journey are automated to allow your teams more time to cultivate creative, groundbreaking ideas and strategies that help your business grow. This article will examine what aspects of marketing can be automated and how you can create a better customer experience.


Automating is Beneficial for Marketing 


For a long time, automation seemed to only be for specific industries and certain processes. However, we’re finding that automation can be helpful for everything from customer service to lead generation and everything in between.


There are few downsides to adopting automation into your marketing strategy. It saves time and money, creates more efficient workflows, and provides a means to reach audiences and engage with them consistently, giving them a more personalized experience.


Businesses often need to remember that automation should consider the customer experience. Automating these processes doesn’t mean that you should negate creating a user experience (UX) of value. 


Email Marketing 


Automation can aid with email marketing, such as automated drip campaigns, which can be pre-written and sent out during the course of your campaign, and that time frame can differ depending on your strategy. 


Your messages should be designed to make the UX more personalized. To accomplish this, your email campaigns should be created to target a specific audience and can be triggered by various actions taken by your potential customers. 


For instance, you can create an email marketing campaign targeted to those who have clicked on a specific link or make a campaign to notify your audience of an upcoming event.


The purpose of your email campaign is not only to provide information but to stay in touch with the people who may have shown interest in your product or service. Therefore, they should have a customer experience that feels authentic to them throughout the stages of the marketing journey. To achieve this, human emotion and thought must be taken into account. 


Lead Generation


Humans make choices based on several factors; some are need-based, others emotional-based. Therefore, there’s a bit of human psychology that goes into understanding what makes your buyer personas do what they do. Therefore, when using automation to generate leads, you should take that human psychology element into consideration. 


You must know how and where to reach your audiences and how to respond. Lead generation is typically run through other marketing channels, such as social media or the company blog. It can be automated to post at various times of the week and generate automated responses based on the action taken. 


Once you receive a lead, you must determine where that lead is on the buyer’s journey and act accordingly. Automation helps in this sense, so qualified leads don’t fall through the cracks. By automating the lead generation process, you can keep a close eye on what stage of the buyer’s journey is and give a response that resonates with the buyer at that stage of the process. 


There’s Demand for Better Customer Experience


One of the customers’ biggest complaints when interacting with any business is the lack of human interaction. At every point of contact, customers are used to robot automation, a digital voice that asks you to press 1 for more details.


However, the general public has spoken and wants more human-like experiences or interactions with the companies they do business with. Automation has a reputation for being cold, frustrating, and plain unhelpful. By adding a human touch to your interactions, your customers will have an improved experience and be more satisfied with your service. 


Consider Marketing Automation  


Once you take the time to know your target audience and build a personalized marketing experience throughout every stage of their journey, you’ll be able to have a successful marketing automation strategy sure to bring you more leads and, eventually, sales. 


Through our expertise, we create tailored marketing experiences for businesses that dive qualified leads into their sales funnel. We understand the importance of the human touch and build our outbound lead generation strategies with that at the top of mind. It all comes down to remembering the humans on the other side of the screen.