Email Marketing: The Best Tool for B2B Business

Marketing and advertising have changed drastically in the last 20 years. With the growth of the internet and digital shopping, companies find newer, more inventive, and more effective ways to reach their audiences and find potential prospects. 


However, just because technology has changed how businesses build their marketing strategies and which channels they choose to utilize doesn’t mean those earlier methods don’t still bring positive results. This is the case with email marketing, and we’ll explore why this outreach method is still relevant in today’s marketing landscape. 


Why Email Marketing is More Relevant than Ever 

Nearly everyone has an email, which is the case for businesses too! It’s a surefire way to contact people directly and is less invasive than a phone call (although that still works too). The data is in, and the results show that email marketing is still effective and, in some cases, more successful than other marketing means. Here are some of the numbers from Hubspot’s email marketing research


  • 81% of B2B marketers use email newsletters as a form of content marketing, and 64% say that email marking helped them meet their goals in 2022
  • 46% of smartphone users prefer to connect with a business through email 
  • At least once a month, up to 50% of people make a purchase through a marketing email. 
  • Subscriber segmentation, personalized messaging, and automated email campaigns are strategies that see the highest success rate, all within the 70th percentile. 


Businesses are using this information to their benefit, and many more companies are projected to increase their email marketing budgets to capture more leads and eventual sales. 


Improving Your Email Marketing 

Now that we’ve reviewed the data demonstrating how email marketing can bring positive results to your business regardless of emerging marketing channels, let’s look at the data that can guide you in building a successful email marketing strategy! 


  • Keep Emails Out of Spam

There’s a chance that the emails you craft could end up unseen, with about 15% of all emails going to the junk folder or missing! That can hinder your reach and the effectiveness of your email marketing. We have considered this factor at Global Sales, and in response, we have created our Anti-Spam protection plan. We aim to ensure that the hard work you put into making your email campaigns and outreach doesn’t go to waste. With our program, you can guarantee that your emails land in the right place, putting your message in front of your prospect at the right moment. 


  • Know Whom You Are Targeting

Personalizing messages is an excellent factor in keeping your emails in front of your target audience and out of the trash bin. And we should know, as it’s essential in how we conduct our email outreaches for B2B business. In addition, just as we mentioned in our latest article, personalization can be the factor that increases your open and response rate. Businesses can build their campaigns based on who has made a past purchase, signed up for newsletters, product updates, or requested information. A tailored message gives increased value to any email strategy and provides a more personal experience for your audience. 


Emailing those who have shown interest can increase the chances of converting them to sales or lead them to repeat purchases, as they are already aware of and engaged with your company’s products or services. 


Use Drip Campaigns to Automate Your Emails

We’re all too familiar with this one, and for us, it’s the only way to go! Automation is a game changer in terms of how, when, and who receives your emails during any particular marketing campaign.


Crafting personalized messages, the timing and amount of emails you want to send can all be scheduled by an automation system. This makes building out your email campaigns less taxing, saving you time by creating a more efficient process. Most importantly, it allows businesses to track and report on several factors such as; open rate, clicks, responses, and demographics. And all of these help you see where the best potential for prospects lies, and by automating the process, you can get your emails viewed at the moment that matters most. 


Step Up Your Email Marketing

Don’t let trends tell you that email marketing isn’t successful and profitable! That’s simply not true, and we should know! By setting goals, choosing the right target audience, and using data to guide your efforts, you can build an email marketing strategy that will help you capture prospects and turn them into solid leads. 


We take a human approach to our email marketing strategy. Through this, we understand what makes your audience take action at various points of the buyer journey. Our data-building process helps us learn when is the best time to act, giving you the best potential to win more qualified and valuable leads into your sales funnel. Your success is our goal! Let’s create a successful lead-generation strategy together!